Providing legal information, guidance and support to the public with the use of innovation through technology is at the heart of what BarefootLaw does. We utilise multiple technologies using innovative methods in order to reach under-served communities and provide them with legal information, guidance and support and in turn empower them and teach them how best to protect themselves, their families and communities using the law.

For over three years, BarefootLaw has been at the forefront of harnessing the ever increasing growth and use of Information Technology in Africa as the backbone to promote free legal assistance delivery to the community. 

Our mission

To use innovation and technology to enable access to Law and Justice for under-served communities in Uganda.

Our Vision

BarefootLaw envisions a world in which every individual, regardless of age, status, race, tribe or religion, has access to legal information, guidance and support which they can use to empower themselves and their communities and in turn thrive.

Our vision entails bringing the world we live in closer to a near perfect image of a world of this nature.


How we work