Innovation Work Group

The Innovations Work Group is a meeting of minds within the legal aid sector, to discuss the utilization of technology and innovations to within the sector, in order to facilitate and increase access to legal resources and services.

It is an evolution of what was the ICT Work Group, developed through a partnership of different legal aid actors within Uganda with the purpose of the creating a platform for the partners to discuss, discover and exchange innovations and ideas around maximising the capacities that ICT could afford.


The idea was built on the realisation that ICT had the potential to expand the impact of legal aid service providers in their work towards access to justice.


The ICT work Group has since evolved into the Innovations Work group, as a result of the realisation that ICT is a facilitator of innovation and that there are several other non-ICT based avenues for innovation to flourish.


The Innovations Work Group now serves as a learning platform where development, exchange and sharing of best practice occurs, amongst the partners. Ultimately the Innovation Work Group intends to become a centre for innovation excellence for legal aid and the law, fostering the utilization of innovation across legal spectrum.










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