International Justice Component

The world today has got a global political system that is unprecedented. So intricately connected are most States today that we live in what has been termed a global village.

We provide information relating to events and decisions being made at the international level which affect Uganda’s people directly or indirectly as our way of bridging the gap between the people and the international-level governance of nations and relations between nations. We breakdown the laws, treaties and agreements in a way that easy to digest, and inform on events which will have an impact on the country.


At BarefootLaw we realise that the expansion of administrative power over communities to an international scale for the benefit of society is resulting into a growing urge from citizens all over the world to pull out of the global bodies. The rapid pace at which the global political system has been formed and progressed, has alarmed many at the perceived sight of the democratic power of decision making evidentally being transferred from the common man to international platforms chaired by quazi-immune officials seemingly impervious to scrutiny from the masses. African leaders, already skeptical about the motives of the governments in the “West” which historically devastated the continent have also expressed disatisfaction with the global order, most notably with the International Criminal Court and how it exercises its mandate, citing racism and bias among other reasons.




The International Justice Component (IJC) goes beyond the political posturing and controvery to break down the implications of the actions and decisions made at the international level to Ugandans both and home and abroad and other people not being Ugandan who are interested in the wellbeing of the nation’s people. This page contains among others the following information.

  • International agreements and conventions Uganda is a party or subject to:
    Uganda is an active member of the international community. A member State of the United Nations, subscribing to the International Criminal Court, it is party to many of the global conventions and International Law Statutes. We upload these international agreements so that people who wish to can read and analyse them.
  • Analyses of agreements and conventions Uganda is a party or subject to:
    The lawyers at BarefootLaw prepare documents that simplify the language of the agreements and conventions which affect Uganda in a summarised manner so that  anyone regardless of whether they have a legal or international politics background can understand them.
  • Uganda’s actions on an international level and their implications on Ugandans:
    As an active member in the community of nations, acts by Ugandans and the Ugandan government are constantly reported upon. We break down the international law which these actions are governed by and the implications on Ugandans.
  • Actions by players in the international community and how they impact Uganda:
    Just as Uganda’s actions have got implications on its people and people interracting with Ugandans, the actions of other countries and individuals also affect Uganda. We breakdown on the most notorious of these acts and analyse their effect on internal law and relations as far as Uganda is concerned.