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About WPRI

The Women’s Property Rights Initiative (WPRI) is an initiative by BarefootLaw Uganda in which technology e.g SMS, Telephony, Audio- Visial tools and traditional means of legal aid such as seminars and clinics, to promote women’s empowerment. This is done by providing legal information, support and guidance relating to property rights.

WPRI is currently in pilot phase, supported by GIZ and executed with the partnership of WOGUNET (Kubere Information Centre) and Teso Women Peace Activists (TEWPA). This pilot project is being carried out in three major phases ;

the challenge

Access to legal information and guidance continues to provide a major challenge to women embroiled in land disputes, inheritance disputes, domestic disputes, customary disputes, and numerous other concerns.

Basic reliable legal information and support is unavailable to most ordinary women who have difficulty getting answers to legal questions, primarily due to ignorance, limited resources and a lack of adequate legal support at the community level.

This feeds back in to the cycle of poverty, oppression, economic disempowerment and a gross violation of their human rights.

the remedy

BarefootLaw, through the “Women Property Rights Initiative” smartly fuses innovation, technology, and existing methods of legal assistance to empower women, create public awareness through dissemination of legal information, training on property rights and will writing in order to prevent and surmount this current state of affairs.

the achievements

  • Education of the population on women’s property rights resulting in a decrease in the abuse of women’s rights;
  • Increased awareness of women to women’s property rights and their enforceability;
  • Empowerment of women pursue and enforce their property rights through self-representation;
  • Creation of synergies amongst women and property rights organisations for the dissemination of supporting legal information;
  • Development of an information technology platform through which women and members of the general public can get responses to a range of legal questions and concerns.
  • Create a referral system through which women requiring further assistance on property rights can be assisted.

WPRI Resources



Legal Documents

The Marriage Act 138.28 KB 2 downloads


The Divorce Act 86.82 KB 2 downloads


The Land Act 343.39 KB 7 downloads


The registration of Titles Act 623.50 KB 5 downloads


The Succession Act 517.74 KB 5 downloads


The Land regulations 2004 299.59 KB 9 downloads


The Children Act 301.07 KB 4 downloads


The Administrator General's Act 127.94 KB 2 downloads


Mortgage Act 2009 166.96 KB 2 downloads


Uganda Constitution 1995 928.90 KB 2 downloads


Barefoot Lawyers Guide Employment

Barefoot Lawyers Guide Inheritance Succession



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