BFL Facts
BFL Facts

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Who we are and what we do

BarefootLaw is not-for-profit organisation that provides free legal information and assistance using technology and innovation in addition to the traditional methods including community sensitisations and outreach.

BarefootLaw Uganda started in 2012 and has since grown to impact the lives of many Ugandans.

Many Ugandans are ignorant of the law and therefore end up making unreasonable decisions. BarefootLaw was started to provide legal information, so individuals could uphold the law, and protect themselves, their families and communities.

As a Law student, in August 2012, Gerald, came across the first case that indicated to him that many citizens were ignorant of the Law. This inspired him to begin sharing what he was learning as student of the Law, and as young person, he used existing platforms; his Facebook page and sms to share what he was learning in class with his followers.

BarefootLaw uses technology in addition to the traditional methods to offer free legal information and assistance. In serving the public, BarefootLaw has embraced innovative approaches including BarefootLaw Hive, BarefootLaw Social, BarefootLaw nodes, BarefootLaw SMS, Virtual Counsel, Dial-a-Lawyer, Email-a-Lawyer, Community Outreach, and Partnerships.

BarefootLaw handles all matters that require legal assistance. For cases beyond their scope, BarefootLaw works in partnership with other individuals and organisations including justice enforcement organisations, law firms, medical personnel and others.

The legal information provided by BarefootLaw is FREE. For more people to benefit from BarefootLaw services, you can donate.

BarefootLaw does not always represent their clients in court. However, BarefootLaw will recommend and work together with reputable and competent law firms to ensure that justice prevails.

BarefootLaw works in partnership with other individuals and organisations including justice enforcement organisations, law firms, medical personnel and others. See Our Partners

The top three inquiries we receive at BarefootLaw  out of 10 categories are:

  1. Land conflicts (24%)
  2. Domestic/ family conflicts (20%)
  3. Employment conflicts (16%)
  • The Women’s Property Rights Initiative (WPRI) is focused on equipping women, especially the vulnerable and underserved, with knowledge and skills regarding their rights to property. BarefootLaw Uganda uses a combination of approaches including technology, audio-visual and traditional means to provide legal knowledge and assistance to women, both in rural and urban areas. WPRI is executed in partnership with Kubere Information Centre under WOUGNET and Teso Women Peace Activists (TEWPA).
  • mSME Garage focuses on providing legal information, guidance and support for micro and small businesses. With Uganda being recognised as one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world, over half of them failing within the first year, ignorance of the law governing businesses has been cited as one of the reasons for business failure. The services are provided online [] and other supported by social media platforms. The mSME Garage also offers clinics for beneficiaries who wish to be trained on a particular aspect of business law.
  • BarefootLaw is active on its website as well as its social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. We have physical offices Koire Close, Old Kira Road, Kampala. You can also reach us through our telephone contacts +256 414 660539 or +256 392 177405.