Computers and the Law
Computers and the Law

The ubiquity of the digital information age has necessitated governance mechanisms for the control, protection and sharing of the cyber space.

For a fast-growing cyber space, the supporting legal framework need to be dynamic enough to foster the growth while robust enough to protect all parties involved in it. As an innovator within Uganda’s digital space, we are acquainted with the extent of the legal framework and how it impacts our work.

The Challenge

Uganda has seen a rise in the use of information and communications technology. The problem is that many people are not aware of the governing laws, and indeed, how best to structure a legal framework that would address the growing demands of a fast-developing cyberspace in Uganda.

The Solution

The Computers and the Law Initiative seeks to describe the structure in which the legal framework supporting the cyberspace for Uganda exists, where their strengths are and the gaps that ought to be closed.