International Justice Component
International Justice Component

With the coming of several changes in technology, expansion of trade and authority beyond national borders, the whole world became intricately interlinked; a global village so to speak.

With all this came the formation of different global and regional conventions, communities and the need for policies that govern this global village, enacted through the different global conventions and communities.


In the past, international communities, bodies and conventions have failed to properly convey information on their decisions and actions. This has continuously brought about misunderstandings among the public on their motives. Because of this, other informal channels with biased opinions such as the media have stepped in to share and interpret the information for the public. This has only led to further misunderstandings and often dissatisfaction with all matters pertaining to the international bodies.


The International Justice Component was created to bridge the information gap between the people and the international legal scene. Through this component, we break down decisions that are made at the international level and further explain the implications that these decisions might have on our country, our kinsmen and those with vested interest in Uganda.

Under International Justice, we consider;

  • International agreements and conventions that Uganda is a party or subject to:
    Uganda is an active member of the international community. A member State of the United Nations, subscribing to the International Criminal Court, it is party to many of the global conventions and International Law Statutes. BFL makes the International agreements accessible to those who would like to read and analyse them.
  • Analysis of agreements and conventions that Uganda is a party or subject to:
    BFL prepares documents that simplify the language of the agreements and conventions which affect Uganda so that anyone, whether or not they have any legal or international politics background, can understand them.
  • Uganda’s actions on an international level and their implications on Ugandans:
    As an active member in the community of nations, actions by Ugandans and the Ugandan government have implications. BFL down the international law which these actions are governed by and their effect on Ugandans.
  • Actions by players in the international community and how they impact Uganda:
    Just as Uganda’s actions have got implications on its people and people interacting with Ugandans, the actions of other countries and individuals also affect Uganda. We breakdown on these acts and analyse their effect on internal law and relations as far as Uganda is concerned.