There are two types of Bond; Police Bond and Court Bond. Court Bond is similar to Bail or Court Bail. This post will concentrate on “Police Bond” Bond, some of you might be familiar with this word because it is a well-known British spy’s second name, James Bond. While others will be more familiar with the word BOND because you have had to ask for “Police Bond” one too many times. “BOND” also known as “POLICE BOND”…explained

When a person has been arrested by a police officer under the exercise of police authority, that person may be released by the Police even though he or she may still be a suspect or a person of interest in police investigations. In such a situation, that person will be released on “BOND” which means that person is released on the strength of their promise to report to the police at the times and on the days they are
directed to.

Police officers are forbidden by law from granting bond for money payment and therefore police
bond is on the defendant’s “own recognizance”.

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