(pronounced as “sen.sha”) is basically when a party or parties expresses their disapproval of another’s actions. A censure is not as simple as just talking about how you are not happy that someone did this or that. It must be put into writing in a formal statement especially because should Parliament vote in favour of censuring an MP, the petition is presented to the President requesting that action is taken against that Minister.


Article 118 (1) of the Constitution states that, “Parliament may, by resolution supported by more than half of all members of Parliament, pass a vote of censure against a Minister.” The grounds for this type of resolution to come into play include:

  • Abuse of office or wilful violation of the oath of allegiance or oath of office
  • Misconduct or misbehaviour
  • Physical or mental incapacity that makes one incapable of performing one’s functions of office
  • Mismanagement
  • Incompetence

For the censure to be initiated, the petition must be signed by one-third of all the members of Parliament giving notice that they are also annoyed and feel like, “…ah ah, we the leaders shall not allow such bad manners…” disturbed by the conduct and performance of the Minister.
There are 452 M.P’s in Parliament, how many signatures does this petition need? Quick Math!

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