In the movies, you’ll find a girl perhaps called Tiffany who has suffered with some guy called Tyrese. Nga Tyrese is mean and abusive and you say, “Bambi Tiffany”. Tiffany will then dump that Tyrese guy. But Tyrese is telling her things like, “…I’ve always loved yah…It’s either me or
nobadi else shortie…” So Tiffany gets a restraining order against Tyrese and the court orders him not to be within even 10 metres of her otherwise it will be assumed he wants to hurt her and will be arrested.

But now, someone will ask: can we also get restraining orders in this our Uganda? Unfortunately, in Uganda, there’s no such thing as a restraining order. But before you cry all your crocodile tears for the Tiffany’s of Uganda, you should know that we had something called the

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