We are very pleased to announce the Dioraphte Foundation (Stichting Dioraphte) as a new partner to BarefootLaw.

A member of the Big Bang Philanthropy group, the Dioraphte Foundation has been active since 1995 in  supporting a multitude of transformational organisations across the globe, that work to solve the world’s most pressing problems. This Dutch charitable fund supports charities in six countries the Netherlands, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Malawi.

‘‘Our foundation’s mission is to provide financial support to organisations in the Netherlands and abroad which support good causes, and whose sole or main objective is to organise projects or activities for the benefit of: vulnerable groups within society; education; healthcare; employment opportunities; nature and the environment; promoting and carrying out scientific research; Dutch cultural heritage; and/or Dutch Performing Arts, and any other project or activity either related or conducive to the interests outlined above, in the broadest sense of the words,’’ excerpt from the Dioraphte Foundation website.

BarefootLaw is proud and thankful for the Dioraphte Foundation’s interest and confidence in our work. This new support comes at a time when we are beefing our investment in our innovation around technology, to amplify dissemination of legal guidance to poor and vulnerable individuals and communities who have historically been denied access to justice.

We are very excited to have Dioraphte support our work in a crisis time such as this one. We are continually reminded that the work we do is not in vain, and that lasting and meaningful access to the law, and justice for all, can be a reality. We are pleased that the support of Dioraphte will amplify our work, through innovation and impact, and continue our contribution to a just and equitable society for all,Gerald Abila, Founder and Executive Director, BarefootLaw.

This support from the Dioraphte Foundation’s will accelerate our efforts to scale out BarefootLaw’s programs across the country and deepen our reach and impact to the most urgently in-need communities, while we continue to innovate and build resilience for a future where access to justice is readily available to all.




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