Enabling access to the Law and Justice for thousands in Uganda

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The Problem

Millions of Ugandans find it difficult to access legal help, leaving many disputes unresolved or resolved using crude methods like mob justice.

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Why Technology

Uganda has had a rapid uptake of tech where over 60% of the population own mobile phones, and internet connectivity has jumped three fold in 5 years.

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The BarefootLaw Solution

To leverage the tech trend to offer free legal information and support in addition to traditional legal aid methods. We’ve also evolved to offer specialized legal guidance to women groups and small businesses.


Women Property Rights

Educating rural communities on women’s property rights. An initiative in partnership with GIZ Uganda. To promote women’s empowerment through providing them with the basic information on their human and property rights and the legal remedies available

International Justice

We provide information relating to events and decisions being made at the international level which affect Uganda’s people directly or indirectly as our way of bridging the gap between the people and the international-level governance.

mSME Garage

The mSME Garage offers Free Legal, Tax, Information and support to Small Businesses. A membership service for individual, micro and small businesses in all sectors.

Our Impact


Monthly reach


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We facilitate access to justice and the law for thousands of
individuals & small businesses who would otherwise remain under-served.

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