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The Hague is known as the international city of peace and justice; therefore, what better place for BarefootLaw to be?  As pioneers of the use of digital technology for access to justice, we have been at the forefront of innovations in using tech to make access to justice and the law available to vulnerable communities for the past ten (10) years. Through this, BarefootLaw has and continues to empower people in Uganda and neighbouring countries, to develop legal solutions to their problems.

Our presence in The Hague is to broaden and refine our collaborations towards realising access to justice for all, specifically innovating around SDG 16- peace, justice and strong institutions.

To this, the BarefootLaw Founder and Executive Director, Gerald Abila says, “If someone had told me ten years ago that today, I would be announcing a BarefootLaw office in The Hague, I would have had to pinch myself. This move is a manifestation of our hard work and the general goodwill towards BarefootLaw on our growth journey. It is BarefootLaw taking charge of our future. “

The Hague is the perfect place for us to share lessons we have learnt over the past years and make a meaningful contribution to the body of research around the effectiveness of technology in access to justice. As an organisation with founding roots in Africa, we offer development partners in Europe first-hand experience, rich lessons and proximate, practical solutions to thematic justice issues affecting Africa whilst developing creative solutions towards their resolution. Our doors are open to sharing lessons, creating partnerships, and learning from organisations and individuals alike.

 “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”  – African Proverb

BarefootLaw in The Hague is a steppingstone for the future phase in our strategic plan to garner support, develop new ideas, and synergise to extend our work to meet our mission; to use digital technology to make the law readily available to vulnerable communities across Uganda and further to neighbouring countries, where our research has shown, our services are required.  This includes building on lessons learnt from our work in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Zambia.

This step not only strengthens the North-South collaborations but also emphasises the relevance of South-North collaborations in finding and creating solutions to global development challenges. It is an opportunity to explore tech’s role in meeting these development challenges, especially the ones we have set out to be met by 2030, “ Abila adds.

Our Address

The Hague Humanity hub

Fluwelen Burgwal 58

2511 CJ The Hague

Email: info@localhost


The Hague Humanity Hub is all about cross-sector connection of professionals working towards a more peaceful and just world. We are excited to welcome BarefootLaw, who bring yet another new and innovative perspective to our community,” says Jill Wilkinson, Managing Director of The Hague Humanity Hub.

Please feel welcome to pay our Europe Lead, Robert Okello, a visit at The Hague Humanity Hub, for a chat, coffee or high five!

Our presence in The Hague is an opportunity to mainstream local knowledge on justice innovations – share data on human-centric justice solutions and, above all, influence policies on access to justice and the rule of law within international institutions.  Don’t hesitate to drop by for a coffee chat if you are within the Hague,” Okello says.

We thank the City of The Hague, The Hague and Partners, and The Hague Humanity Hub for contributing to an environment of collaboration, which will go a long way to foster new alliances to meet SDG 16 (Access to Justice). The Hague has a long-standing tradition as the International City of Peace and Justice. We also want to thank all our partners for supporting the work and mission of BarefootLaw.

We look forward to this exciting phase of our journey.

Mwebale Nyo! (Thank you!)