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Who We Are

About Us

Our Mission
Get the law to protect vulnerable persons across Africa.
Our Vision

BarefootLaw envisions real and virtual worlds in which every person – natural, legal or electronic – readily has access to justice and the law, to empower themselves and their communities to thrive. ​

Our Values

What we
believe in.


We are friends first

We are friends first Friends within and friends to the world. We go out of our way to build long-lasting relationships, aspiring to live to the highest standards of personal honesty and behaviour.


The law is our passion

At BarefootLaw, we are never too busy for our beneficiaries. We are committed to contributing to the development of a fair, equitable and just world which addresses the legal needs of all persons and communities.


We are professional, always

Our commitment to courtesy, integrity, and responsibility in the course of all our work is unquestionable. We take personal responsibility for using our resources efficiently, being accountable to our partners, other stakeholders and most of all, the persons and communities we serve.


We pursue improvement

We are very demanding of ourselves and challenge ourselves to the extraordinary. We set high goals and are committed to finding innovative, sustainable solutions to problems that threaten the dignity of persons and communities in this fast-changing world.


We listen. We care. We serve

We treasure our diversity and thrive in it. We respect and value each other. We will always take a position in your best interests.

Our Background

Humble Beginnings

In August 2012, while Gerald was still a Law student, he came across the first case that indicated to him that many citizens were ignorant of the Law. This inspired him to begin sharing what he was learning as a student of the Law, and as a young person, he used already available platforms; his facebook page and SMS. Gerald shares more in his interview with the BBC team.