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When a person has a case against him/ her in Court, sometimes that person asks to be released on Bail.

A person can then be released on what is called a Cash or a Non-Cash Bail.

In case a person is released on a Cash Bail, then that person is usually asked to pay a certain amount of money to Court, which money can be claimed back after the Bail comes to an end.

However, if a person failed to fulfill the Bail expectations leading to its cancellation, then such a person cannot claim the money.

But many times, people don’t know or don’t even bother to claim back this money because they don’t know how to claim it back.

Here’s how !!
Here is a brief general outline of some of the ways in which Bail money can be claimed back.

But before you start asking for this money back, your case must be completed. This means that your case must have been decided and judgement made, whether in your favour or against.

Steps to claim back the money.

1) The person who paid the Bail money should write an application to the Chief Magistrate of the Court seeking to have this money given back.

This application should have;

a) The Original bail/bond form
b) The Original receipt
c) The Order for refund by court
d) Photocopy of identity card
e) Discharge Order

2) The application is then forwarded to the Cashier, who then writes to the High Court requesting for a refund of the said money.

3) The money is then sent to the Court for payment to the applicant from where it will be picked.


1. Always keep copies of every document you submit to the Court during this process.

2. Make sure you constantly follow up so as to keep up to date about the status of your application.

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