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We are very pleased to announce the David Weekley Family Foundation (DWFF) as a new partner to BarefootLaw.

The DWFF, a member of the Big Bang Philanthropy group, has since its establishment in 1990, supported a multitude of transformational organisations across the globe, that work to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

 ‘‘In our philanthropy, we look for three fundamental principles in an organization: 1) high leverage, accomplishing a lot with a little, 2) scalable, they have the propensity to grow to impact millions of people, and 3) sustainable, over time their model is not wholly reliant on philanthropic capital,’’ excerpt from the DWFF website.

DWFF is based on the Biblical mandate that to whom much is given, much is expected and partners with organizations that use funds effectively, that do the most with the least, always being respectful and encouraging to those they serve. They are coming on board to support us in our work to get legal help to poor and vulnerable individuals and communities who have historically been denied access to justice.

“This new partnership with the DWFF is an exciting prospect for the next steps in our future and will enable us increase our impact and scale and; continue our relentless pursuit of advancement in access to justice, especially in a time of uncertainty like this, caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic,”  Gerald Abila, Founder and Executive Director, BarefootLaw.

‘‘In striving to be good stewards, we are continually learning and being challenged by leaders, organizations, and ideas that are defying the odds to serve others well. We’ll look forward to sharing our journey and learning from yours,’’ David Weekley, Chairman of David Weekley Homes.

At BarefootLaw, we invest in technology, as it presents an opportunity to extend access to justice to every corner of Africa and help people access services with dignity- despite their socio-economic situation.

The support from the DWFF will accelerate our efforts to scale out BarefootLaw’s programs across the country and deepen our reach and impact to the most urgently in-need communities, while we continue to innovate and build resilience for a future where access to justice is readily available to all.